Artist Proof: Chris Parks aka Pale Horse is a bad ass designer / illustrator from Florida. Since opening the doors in 2006, Pale Horse has had the opportunity to create artwork for companies, like Iron Fist, Nike, Vans, Etnies, Globe, Red Bull, Hurley, Sullen, Mattel, The Cartoon Network and many others. Pale Horse focuses on apparel, action sports market  and entertainment industry graphics, logos and typography. Chris has also shown his illustrations in various galleries throughout Florida and across the US.


Artsprojekt: What inspires your art?

Chris Parks: Lately, I’ve been really inspired by old religious / mythological artwork, including paintings, carved wooden masks, sculpture and written stories from across various cultures and beliefs. The characters, iconography and stories are incredibly rich with potential concepts for illustrations.  I’ve got a ton pieces in mind right now that I can’t wait to get started on.


AP: What is the relationship between technique and content in your work?

Chris: Not much. I like to switch up the content and type of work I create on a regular basis.

 Artist Proof: Chris Parks aka Pale Horse

AP: Describe your first experience of making art and how it affected your life’s journey.

Chris: I always loved to draw as a kid. I’d compete with my older brother for bragging rights that my monster truck drawing was way better than his. I never imagined doing anything for a living except become an artist in some form. So far, so good.

Artist Proof: Chris Parks aka Pale Horse

AP: Describe your most recent experience of making art.

Right now I’m neck deep in new illustrations for various clients and a bunch of upcoming exhibits. A fun project that I’m in the middle of creating now is an illustration for a custom guitar art piece for Dean Guitars’ “Six String Masterpieces” exhibit. ( The show pays tribute to the late Dime Bag Darell Abbot and has generated over $250,00 for organizations such as Little Kids Rock and the Wounded Warriors Project.  I also just finished a couple pieces for a show called ‘Dark Art 3’ where I’m honored to show my work alongside world renown artists like: HR Giger, Clive Barker, Sean Barber, Marilyn Manson, Bob Tyrrell and many others. ( I’m now, just beginning a new collection of work for a two man exhibit here at Pale Horse Gallery, along with fellow artist and friend Allen Hampton. ( The show will be called ‘Gods & Monsters’ and I am creating 10 new solo pieces, 2 collabs and planning to launch a new series of Pale Horse t-shirts at the opening.

Artist Proof: Chris Parks aka Pale Horse

AP: Take us on a guided tour through a day in your life as an artist.

Chris: I thought it might be entertaining to shoot a quick guided tour on steroids and crack of me and my studio, so you can check out the space and kinda get and idea of what I do all day. Please check out to see more.

Check out Chris Parks aka Pale Horse Design’s Artsprojekt Store

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