Artist Proof:
Sitnie ‘SIT’ Waertsis an Amsterdam based mixed media artist whose body of work has been detoxed from bits and bytes, media, hypes, lovers, haters and colours to find the true essence of creativity again. No more digital drama. No BS.

Artsprojekt: What inspires your art?

SIT: Everything. What I see, think, feel, taste and hear. But mostly I get inspired by change!

AP: What is the relationship between technique and content in your work?

SIT: They have intense relationship. The one pushes the other to come together in one piece.


AP: Describe your first experience of making art and how it affected your life’s journey

SIT:The first piece I made was at age 17 when I got bored in working small. I wanted bigger so I bought myself some acrylics and linnen and started to make my first painting. It affected my life completely! Acrylics and working on a bigger scale, made me realise that these where the tools to express myself. I found a way to let myself go completely. From that day on, everything changed.

AP: Describe your most recent experience of making art.

SIT: That would be my DRKPNK-show. I was goin trough a really difficult time in life. Lost my house and woman and didn’t know what to do. So I was ready for a big change. I wanted to let go everything that I knew technic- and concept-wise and see what happend if I improvise everything. Let go of this controle that I had such a long time. It was tuff. Had a long long struggle finding a new way, while everything I did before really wanted to take over sometimes. So I started to make these sketches of women caracters and let all the lines just cross eachother and really keep it fast and smooth. Something really special happened. Along the way I found this joy and colourfull sensation doin this. I became free from all things, more than ever before. It brought me a new perspective. Translated this to a couple of canvasses and a new serie was born.


AP: Take us on a guided tour through a day in your life as an artist

SIT: I wake up early after a bad sleep, could get a couple of hours sleep, and start my day with a nice green apple. Love my vitamines. Specialy after drinking a lot in the weekends. Black & white! I wash my ass and jump on my bike to hit it to the studio. Love my bikerides trough the city. Once in the studio I sit down a bit to check my mail to see if there is interesting new projects comin up and figger out what I want to do today…. Well, today I feel a bit shitty because the NewYears eve killed my ass. Still a bit shaky from all the wodka’s in da club that night/morning. But today I will start some sketch-session for these big walls in a new grandcafe that will opening in february from a good friend of mine. He loves the work and couldn’t wait opening a new cafe and let me go my way on the walls. I have about two weeks, because after finishing up I’ll hit the plain for Sao Paulo, Brasil to spend some nice months working on some projects there. At the moment I want to let go of my Graphic Designing-side that I’ve done for many years to earn my money with. I want to clear my way to only do painting and do this to share it with more people. Share the experience, share the mindset and see if I can make a better world out of this. That’s why I spoke with the guys from Favela Paintings the other day ( to see if I can do something like this aswell in Sao Paulo.

Now first things first and do this sketchsession. I need to sketch a little to show my man how I want to run this. He was really inspired bij my “unwired” show (, so I will take a little piece of that period in time, but twist it a little with what moves me today!

For the rest nothing excitting to say about my day. January 2nd normally makes a zombie out of me. Getting a bit hungry. I will get me some noodles now….

» Check out the SIT Artsprojekt Store here 

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